Megapixels: how many is enough?

β€œHow many megapixels should I get in my next new camera?” That is the question of the century, isn’t it? =)

If you wonder that from time to time, here’s a handy chart to help (thanks to Design215 of Ft. Lauderdale, FL). The numbers inside the chart (in the colored area) represent megapixels and the numbers on the outside represent print sizes in inches.

Basically, you can print up to 8Γ—10 with an 8 mega-pixel camera. For most families, this is probably adequate, but if you like to be able to print larger photos from time-to-time, then you may actually benefit from some of these 10+ megapixel cameras that are out now.

I mentioned the Canon G7 a while back and actually have heard from at least a half-dozen readers who ended up buying one as a result. Wow! That’s really cool… especially since they all love them and were really happy for the recommendation. Canon has since released their new G9 which is even better than the G7 in a lot of ways, so just wanted to keep our readers informed.

If you ever need a site to review a broad range of photo equipment, the one I like best is I actually have their blog in my RSS reader so I get their daily updates which are always interesting (to me at least!). =)

Okay, time to go crank out some wedding retouching! I have a couple of wonderful brides patiently waiting.

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