Mr. K. Turns 1!

Here are a few from a recent session we did for 1 year old Mr. K and his beautiful family! It was a pretty cold day, but the sun was shining and we made the best of it!

This is what we would describe as a β€œlifestyle” session, where we join the family in doing something fun that they like to do, and we capture great images of it! We hope to do a lot more of these this year.

Added some grit and texture to this one… Love it!

He’s a real climber already! Compared to our little β€œStorie” who is 1 as well, this guy is REALLY mobile! =)

Keep your eyes peeled for more lifestyle sessions to come! And if you have an idea in mind for your very own lifestyle session, let us know! We’d be delighted to help make it happen.

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