Edgar & Tiffany’s Engagement

If you’re a regular on our blog, you already know that we love to shoot engagements – as they happen! And tonight, we had the privilege of spending a couple of hours with Edgar and Tiffany during which Edgar proposed to Tiffany!

Now, it was a little bit different than our incognito engagement sessions… Tiffany was expecting me to be there, just to get some great pictures together as a couple. Little did she know that Edgar had filled me in on his plan and he had a ring ready to bring out after playing Tiffany’s favorite romantic song on his saxophone.

You should have seen her face! It was really great to be there and be able to capture the moments and expressions.

Here are two favorites from the session that I was able to retouch just quickly for the blog. I love the city skyline lights in the background of this shot. Showing off the new ring!

Oh, and we had some serious questions about my post from a few days ago… When I said I lost an eye in a serious bike accident, I was talking about the glass eye that I lost, not a real eye. I still have both eyes! And I even have a couple more glass eyes now, too, just for fun. My Mom’s side of the family are all opticians and ophthalmologists, so we have fun with those. I even posted a picture of me wearing one of the glass eyes in the original post below (from 9/3/07) so check it out. Pretty freaky!

Well, it’s late and everyone else is in bed, so it’s time to check out for the night. Thanks for stopping by!

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