Landon & Jen’s Enagement Session

It’s terribly late again and I’m up trying to catch up on proofing and blogging from recent sessions. Blogging is typically one of the last things I do from a session, so it’s like a little reward for me to be able to show you what we’ve been up to recently. =)

Here are several pictures from a really fun engagement session we did recently for Jen & Landon. Hopefully we’ll be doing their wedding photography before too long! (hint, hint! =) I’ll start out with my favorite from the evening.

I love the high-contrast colors in this photo, with the bright red brick walls. And the foreground adds to the interest of the composition, I think.

Here’s a great shot of Landon saving Jen by outrunning the train. It’s a lot of fun! Okay, there really wasn’t a train coming. I’ve always been amused by footage of animals trying to outrun trains by running directly down the tracks away from the train, but I digress…

The sky was SO beautiful! It was nice to be able to capture a couple of fun shots with the sunset as pretty as it was.

Oh, before I forget, here are a couple of really interesting articles I read recently:

  • An especially important one for you women to check out… How to survive a physical attack. Check out the videos, they’re particularly helpful. The instructor in the videos is Tim Ferris, the particularly bright author of the book “The Four Hour Work-Week” (which I have yet to buy and read).
  • Are you a late-night person (i.e. NOT an early morning person) ? Turns out, it may actually be hazardous to your health to force yourself to get up really early and exercise. Read more about a recent Japanese study on the subject here.

That’s all for now… It feels awfully sleepy in here (1:40AM). More news and pictures coming soon!

EDITED 9/9/07: Just wanted to add a couple more faves from Jen & Landon’s session!

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