Ashley's Senior Portraits

Today was such a crazy day! I got a lot done before lunch even, so I took my little 2 year old daughter, Adelaide, on a short โ€œdaddy dateโ€ to Starbucks where we met her Uncle Matthew for some coffee. I know, technically that doesnโ€™t sound like a Daddy date, but the drive there and back was full of quality time, talking to each other and trying to interpret what it is sheโ€™s telling me from the back seat. =)

Our senior session for this evening had to cancel at the last minute due to her work schedule and not being able to get off for pictures, and I had an earlier session penciled in for 5PM, but the customer never did call me back to let me know whether he would be able to pull away from the big FFA event taking place downtown today. At the very last minute, I heard from the customer and she was 30 minutes from downtown, ready to meet me as soon as they arrived โ€“ a full hour early and without any previous confirmation or warning! Well, I threw on my hat and flip flops and headed down. This was a 2nd session for one of our senior guys who wanted to get some clean-shaven pictures in addition to his bearded portraits from the previous session.

Can you believe it, it actually worked out and I made it down there just in the nick of time. We ran around Bricktown for about 25 minutes and got some great shots which Iโ€™ll be retouching later. It was actually fun that it worked out, even though it was last minute. They are good customers and fun to work with, so we had a good time despite the last minute rush and notice.

Here are a few of my favorites from another recent session โ€” Ashleyโ€™s senior portraits:

Those last two shots are my favorites from the session, I think. Such rich colors and a beautiful subject! Click on any of the above pictures to see larger versions of them.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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