Laine’s Senior Portraits

We had another first this year: A senior session in the rain! I should clarify that we did offer to reschedule, but Laine thought it would be fun and unique, so we went ahead with the session and put our equipment (and hair!) to the test. =)

Turns out, it was a lot of fun. We did a lot of normal portraits, but included a few with the umbrella and since those are so unusual, I thought I’d blog a few of them for you.

In some of the larger versions, you can actually see the rain drops streaking across the frame, which is a pretty neat effect that we haven’t seen before since we rarely shoot in the rain.

I really love how graceful and peaceful these pictures down the curvy lane are!

This is the shot I got right before we both got run over. Just kidding, Mom! We did look both ways first.

And at one point we were graced with a small patch of open sky and the rain let up for a few minutes. The reflections in the wet pavement are really cool.

Hope you enjoyed some of our recent session photos! We continue to add recent photos to our galleries and slide shows on our website, so you can check back and see new work as often as you’d like. I also added a section on lessons recently.

Thanks for stopping by!

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