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The Thiessen Family

Just wanted to share some favorites from the Thiessen’s recent family portrait session! The little guy was so cute and fun… he kept chasing me around with his lightsaber so I finally engaged him in a duel with my long-lensed camera. Haha!

The Hawthorne Family

Just finished proofing the Hawthorne family’s portraits and wanted to share some favorites from the session. Lots of green still, but the trees are definitely starting to change. Excited for some nice fall colors this year. Since the colors are changing so slowly, I’m guessing we’ll have some amazing colors this year. Any other theories…

The Dean Family

We took the Dean family out to Arcadia this year to get some fun photos at a corn maze / pumpkin patch / farm out there. Although the pumpkins were kind of small, we found plenty of other great spots to photograph the family. Here are a few of my favorites from the recent session…

Renaldi Family

We have some favorites to share from our recent portraits for the Renaldi family! We started in Bricktown and made our way on over to the boathouse district towards the end.