The Cutest Little Red-Headed Beauty in Oklahoma: OKC Children’s portrait session

We were not ready for the cuteness and personality that was waiting for us for a children’s portrait session at one of our favorite OKC parks that fine summer evening. Words like “firecracker,” “spunky,” and “personality-plus” start to describe this little package of energy, wonder, excitement and opinion. And we LOVED it.

Parents often feel the need to apologize for energetic, spunky kids, but honestly, they’re so much fun to photograph! Every second brings multiple moments worthy of capture, and it’s so much more rewarding than trying to get a bored or extremely shy child to show a hint of emotion and sparkle.

These passionate kids take in the world with wonder, curiosity and excitement. It makes me want to be more like them… More like I was as a child. But that happens to most poeple, right? When you’re around kids, don’t you want to become more like a child again? I’m smiling right now just thinking about it.

Here are some of our favorites from little Alex’s recent children’s portraits celebrating three years on this beautiful planet we call home…

Yep… this was our very first shot. It was at this moment we knew we had our hands full. =)

But with a little magic and fun, things turned around pretty quickly…

Those pink cowboy boots were so perfect for Alex’s personality and energy… Loved them!!

Sigh… Those blue eyes in combo with the ginger hair. What a beauty! I so wish I had a little magic looking-glass to see her in 30 years chasing her dreams and conquering the world as a successful grown woman.

Who knows? It’s not impossible that we will have the opportunity to photograph her all growing up so we can see. A photographer can hope! =)

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