Daniela & Alex – Engagement Portraits

It was a pretty chilly day and felt a lot like winter when we got together at the Oklahoma History Center to meet and photograph Alex and Daniela for their engagement. These two didn’t need any time to warm up, though. =) I just loved how affectionate they are, and the laughs did not stop!

(You might be thinking… “Hey, Prints Charming Photography doesn’t do weddings…” and you’d be right. Their wedding photographer wasn’t able to help them due to maternity leave, so we were able to step in and help. We really do love to photograph engagements, but we always inform couples that their wedding photographer would probably rather help them with both, if they can! It helps build that trust and relationship that makes for a good foundation for amazing portraits.)

Alex and Daniela, thanks so much for bringing the energy you did, and for being all in, setting aside any hesitations or self-consciousness. Y’all hit the ball out of the park, and were such a pleasure to work with. And I love the portraits that we made together!

Here are the favorites from the shoot, along with a really cool modern wall art design that we helped them put together of their three favorites…

Being able to see your very own favorites, sized to the inch on your own walls is such a helpful tool for deciding what’s going to actually look best. Takes the risk out of buying something that’s too tiny, or too huge and gaudy for the space.
I just love the romantic feel of this one…

We designed and printed save-the-dates for them, too, trying out something new with some rich gold foil combined with the soft-touch cards that feel like suede. They look and feel like a million dollars.

Thanks for having a look! Let us know if you have anything in mind that we might be able to help you with… If we’ve worked together in the past, you can call or text, otherwise, the contact form here on our site is the best place to start so we can know who we have the pleasure of hearing from!

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