Merry Christmas from our family to you and yours!

It’s that time again! The entire year sometimes feels like a long sprint to the end-of year holidays, where we can finally slow down, relax, and almost lose track of time entirely (especially this Twilight-zone holiday week between Christmas and the New Year).

We’re doing the usual here at the Sangree’s… Spending lots of time with Holly’s parents at their home and enjoying her family and two brothers who come from California. The rich, calorically-dense and delicious foods are in abundance, the holiday movies are playing, blankets abound, and everyone looks like they need a nap, or just awoke from one. =)

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Holly worked her magic again this year, and put together a pretty Christmas card featuring our mostly-willing progeny. We bought the most gorgeous background for some more old-school traditional portraiture that Holly’s been dabbling with and loving for some time. She even made them a little more painterly for that classic traditional high-end portraiture feel. Like it? Let us know… we may be looking for some models before too long. =) First, we’d love to find a studio with some amazing natural north-facing windows that we can turn into beautiful, natural Rembrandt lighting.

Well, the couch is calling again, and the fire needs to be stoked a bit, so I best be wrapping this up…

Best wishes for the happiest of holidays to you and yours! And THANK YOU! We’re so grateful for each and every one of you who helped us make 2019 another successful year as professional portrait photographers and wall art curators.

Sangree Christmas Card front photo for 2019
Sangree Christmas Card back photo for 2019

(In case you aren’t intimately familiar with it, the red book is one that’s pretty widely recognized in our classical education circles. It’s George Washington’s “Rules of Civility,” which Waverly is all too pleased to “educate” our youngest with. =)

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