Nick Proposes to Lauren

Ah, the excitement and anticipation of a marriage proposal!

Nick contacted me weeks, if not months beforehand to brainstorm and plan out his proposal to the girl of his dreams. They often spent time walking and enjoying Hafer Park in Edmond, which is a great location, especially during the week and during business hours, so it wasn’t too terribly busy with other park-goers. The weather turned out to be amazing for January… Didn’t even need a jacket, so it made perfect sense to suggest going for a walk. No suspicions raised. =)

They parked the car and entered the park, with Lauren commenting on the photographer with the really nice camera photographing squirrels or birds or something. Phew! No suspicions raised again. =)  Now we’re down to the home stretch…

Nick walks a little ways, sees that there are no other walkers nearby, pauses holding Lauren’s hands, twirls her like they’re dancing, and when she turns back to face him, he has the ring in his hand and drops to his knee. It’s at this moment, that I can walk right up to them without risking being noticed by Lauren. I think at such a momentous occasion, we tend to get a bit of tunnel vision, focusing so closely on what’s taking place right here, that we don’t tend to notice much else, giving me the opportunity to sneak up close to capture expressions, tears of joy, and the priceless memories of a perfect proposal by a most considerate and thoughtful groom-to-be.

marriage proposal on one kneeNick Proposes marriage and puts on wedding ring LaurenLauren says yes to Nick's wedding proposal

Lauren delightedly and with some display of emotion accepted his proposal, and it was really fun to see her eventually notice that I was standing nearby taking photos of the whole thing. Nick explained that he had it all planned out and hired me to capture it, and you can just see how delighted Lauren was at that stroke of genius on Nick’s part. Well done, Nick! Everything fell into place nicely, and your planning to even have champagne flutes with the date engraved was impeccable and classy.

We had time to capture some more formal portraits of the two of them… No need to try to coax smiles out of the newly engaged couple, they couldn’t stop smiling. =)

Newly engaged can't stop looking at the engagement ring

Love it… she can’t stop looking at the ring

beautiful engagement ring and engraved champagne flutes for the perfect marriage proposal

Best wishes as you start your life together, Nick and Lauren! If we were shooting weddings still, we’d be really looking forward to capturing yours!


We love to photograph proposals! If you know someone who may be getting engaged soon, we’d be honored if you’d suggest they contact us about capturing it in pictures for them!

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