The Patriarch Craft Beer House and Lawn

I’m about to head over to my new favorite craft beer place — The Patriarch in Edmond (just across the street from the downtown post office at 9 E. Edwards) — as they’re hosting a special fund-raiser table-tennis tournament for a little girl who was diagnosed with cancer and it got me inspired to post a few of my favorites from the commercial photography they commissioned us to do for them a few weeks ago.

Oh, hey, look at that… I just pulled up their website to insure that the link I gave you was correct, and it’s featuring our photos already!

Our friends at The Patriarch didn’t have a lot of direction for what they specifically needed, so I had free reign to be creative and have fun, which was unusual for most commercial projects. As the sun set, I got excited to take some long-exposures, showing the motion and life at the new Edmond hotspot, and I’m excited to share some of my favorites.

The backyard is enormous, with adequate shade trees, ambient patio lighting, and end-to-end tables for a real community feel.

And here’s the main inside bar area, with 48 taps of the most delectable domestic brews to be found.

Some details for use on the website, or backgrounds for advertising, etc.

They do a really good job of serving in the right kind of glass, and at the right temp. Love it!

Oh, this was a real treat. If you don’t know what the gadget in the photo below is, it’s called a Randall beer infuser, and allows the craftiest of places to infuse special flavors into certain beers, further enhancing the flavor and proving customers a singularly unique pour. Below, you’ll see Roughtail IPA with grapefruit and jalapeño in the Randall. What a treat!

“Drink beer from here” was notably posted on the wall during Oklahoma Craft Beer week in July. These folks are passionate about domestic craft beer, and Oklahoma brews in particular.

This place is hopping…  even on a weekday afternoon at 4:30! I’m thrilled to have a great local spot to enjoy quality craft brews from Oklahoma and beyond. And I just love their motto: “Community through beer.” The Patriarch definitely embodies that, as every time I’ve been there, I end up randomly meeting the friendliest of folks who invite me to share a table and hang out with them.

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