Business Portraits / Head Shots

We do a lot of head shots and business portraits, but I don’t often post them since they’re not really as artistic as our regular portraiture. However, I love to do them, and if I don’t post about it once in a while, you may forget that it’s a lot of what we do!

Here are a few business portraits we did for doctors who were attending a local conference. They needed some new business portraits / head shots and they had a long enough lunch break that we were able to schedule it very conveniently for them during their break. We matched the look and feel of the portraits to the light, bright feel of the portraits of the other doctors in the same network.

As a bonus, one of these gentlemen was named “James Bond.” Can I claim that I’m the official “James Bond” photographer now? Haha!

I really enjoy doing this kind of photography for professionals, business people, doctors, etc. so if you need some updates portraits, or know someone who does, please keep us in mind!

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