St. George’s Centennial Celebration

We had the privilege of recently photographing the centennial birthday of St. George’s Greek Orthodox church in northwest Oklahoma City. It was a joyous occasion that priests and clergy from miles around — even other states — came to participate in. There was a special service, and then the families of the church all got together for a celebratory meal, drink and dancing. In case there was any question, Greeks know how to party! =)

After the service, we got a few group photos of all of the clergy who had come to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime event.

After the dinner, each of the families was given an opportunity to have a family portrait made together to help remember the great event. At some events, people are a little reserved and it takes a little time for them to make their way over for photos. Not so this evening! It was as if a dam had burst and everyone rushed over for photos together! =) Here are a few, though we probably took over two hundred photos like this for families there that evening. The entire event can be viewed at the private gallery if you’d like to see them and possibly purchase some prints. We’ve offered to give back 25% of the proceeds from all print sales from this event to St. George’s.

If you’re looking for your own family’s portraits, check out the private online gallery of St. George’s Centennial. Prints may be ordered, and again, 25% of the proceeds will be given back to St. George’s.

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