Back from Sedona

Iโ€™m back from Sedona, where we were commissioned to photograph a big surprise 40th birthday weekend. And what a weekend it was! If you havenโ€™t been to Sedona, or to the Seven Canyons golf course, itโ€™s spectacular. This panoramic photo hardly does it justice. It rained over lunch, but burned off by mid-afternoon, leaving us with some awesome weather for the day.

It was quite an honor to be there, along with Markโ€™s eighteen best friends who flew in from all corners of the country to celebrate and honor Mark. Huge props to Markโ€™s wife, Jennifer, who absolutely made every part of this birthday weekend amazing and memorable. I think I heard the phrase, โ€œThis is just ridiculousโ€ (used in a good way) more this weekend than ever before. Jennifer went way over and above to make every little detail amazing. There was not a man there who will forget that weekend.

Can I change all of my profile details now to include โ€œThe official M. Stanley Invitational 2013 photographer?โ€ =)


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