A Beloved Airman Returns

There are few things more moving than a sweet homecoming. The day or two leading up to this wonderful reunion, I told a few friends of mine and they responded with a mix of goosebumps and tears just thinking about it.

Officer Parry was overseas for a year without a visit home in between, so you can imagine the anticipation that he and his family were experiencing leading up to the reunion.

I had such a hard time narrowing down favoritesโ€ฆ I took over 400 photos in the hour I was there! Here are a few of my favorites from the big day.

I just love that he could hardly keep his hands off his wife, kissing even while walking every few seconds! =)

Then we took a few photos of everyone together, and called it a day. Only, I stuck around to get some more photos! Like this next one of the five of them headed down the escalator to the baggage claim. So much emotionโ€ฆ Unless youโ€™re a military wife or kid, you probably have no idea of the sacrifice these women and families make. I can only imagine, but an image like this next one really makes me feel it.

How excited is this guy to see his Daddy after he was gone for a whole year!


They decorated his jeep with some red, white (silver) and blue

I love this sweet family already, and only have known them for one hour. Thank you, Officer Parry, and Parry family for your service to our great country! We are grateful!

And special thanks to the Will Rogers Airport staff for not giving me a hard time while trying to photograph the family. =)

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