Random Proposal Downtown

Have you ever seen a total stranger propose to someone while you were out enjoying some scenic spot? It probably happens all the time if you live in Hawaii or near the beach. I saw my second totally random and unexpected proposal ever, and was able to photograph it for the happy couple since I had my camera on my and ready to go.

Guys, if you want huge points, have a pro photographer hide and take photos of your proposal! I wish Iโ€™d done that when I proposed to Holly, although we were at the end of a pier in the middle of the night in Chicago, so Iโ€™d have had some logistics to think through. =)

I love to photograph proposalsโ€ฆ Itโ€™s such an emotion-filled moment, and every couple treasures pictures like these of such a milestone in their relationship.

Hey, if you know someone who may be getting engaged soon, you might be a hero for suggesting that they have a pro photographer nearby to capture the big moment!

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