Arlo – Newborn

Arlo was more than a week old when his parents were finally able to bring him to town for us to photograph him, but we managed to get some great portraits of the beautiful baby boy despite his age. We ended up getting more “wide-awake” photos than normal, but he did end up eventually falling asleep, I’m sure in part due to a milk-induced food coma. =)

If you didn’t know, it really does make a huge difference photographing newborns who are just a week old vs. a few weeks. Once they figure out how to stretch and kick, it’s hard to swaddle them up and keep them content for those peaceful sleeping portraits. Keep that in mind when you hear of someone having a baby, and encourage them to schedule newborn portraits as soon as possible after the birth. When the new parents see how great the photos turn out, they’ll thank you!

Meet Arlo…

Congratulations, Euna & Travis! He’s perfect and it was a delight to meet him and see y’all again!

Friends and family can view the entire online gallery of Arlo’s newborn portraits if they know Arlo’s last name.


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