2237 NW 20th Street

I drove to Las Vegas and back yesterday afternoon after enjoying a delicious Mongolian barbeque lunch at the new HuHot restaurant in Quail Spring Mall. Yes, you read that right, but I’m not actually talking about thousands of miles…

Yesterday we did some house listing photos for my good friend and realtor Todd Franz of this new listing for sale in Oklahoma City’s “Las Vegas” neighborhood. I didn’t even know we had a neighborhood by that name here, did you?  (It’s just west of Oklahoma City University, and south of the Shepherd Historic District.)

This home is not actually listed yet, but if you like it, you can get a head start on the rest of the world  and contact Todd via his website, ToddFranz.com!

Talking with Todd, besides the quality of photos, a valuable benefit to hiring a pro photographer is that we have the equipment necessary to capture small rooms better than any Realtor’s iphone or point-and-shoot camera would.

Growing up with Realtor parents, I have a love of real estate and really enjoy photographing homes in a way to capture their best features. I’d love to continue to expand our involvement in this area of photography, and would welcome inquiries from anyone desiring to sell their home and have it photographed professional so it looks its very best. Whether you’re a Realtor or a FSBO (for sale by owner), we’d love to help.


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