Inspiration, Motivation, and Learning

Every year around this time, I do my very best to get to one of the photography conferences taking place during our โ€œslowโ€ season. This year was no exception, and I was able once again to road trip with my good friend and fellow photographer Davy Knapp all the way to Las Vegas for the huge WPPI conference.

Although itโ€™s a huge investment in both time and money, the rewards of learning from the best of the best in the world far outweigh the costs. My favorite speakers this year included Joe Buissink, Lori Nordstrom, Michele Celentano, Jared Baumanโ€™s business session, Jose Villa, Jim Garner, Jerry Ghionis, Gary & Pam Box, David Beckstead, and Justin & Mary Marantz.

In addition to the sessions, the print judging is really insightful. I actually made plans to arrive a couple of days early to take in the amazing moderation and commentary by the legendary David Williams.

So, weโ€™re starting 2012 inspired with a long to-do list of great ideas and plenty of motivation to make changes that our clients will love, and that will facilitate the long-term success of Prints Charming Photography!

For photographers, and those of you who enjoy viewing amazing artwork, you might visit and bookmark this pageย (link died, sorry!) to view the print and album competition winners as they come online. I actually use a page monitor (browser plugin I couldnโ€™t live without!) that will notify me any updates to that website.

And because nobody likes a post without a photo, letโ€™s close with an iPhone pano of the MGM conference center that I took from the parking garage (on the way to get my car).

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