The Beard Family

Is it just me, or are the Oklahoma meteorologists / weathermen having trouble accurately forecasting weather this Fall? With 0% chance of precipitation, and Gary England calling for sunny skies, we met the Beard family downtown to find it not only completely clouded over, but also misty and drizzling! So, after a little brainstorming, we decided to call it off and reschedule, fingers crossed for nicer weather the next week.

Thatโ€™s never an easy decision, knowing how much time and effort goes into prepping an entire family with three kids for family pictures. Rescheduling doesnโ€™t happen often, but when itโ€™s absolutely necessary, it helps to be flexible and go with it. Typically, the weather pros help us make that decision 3 or 4 hour before (at the latest), but this day we got blindsided. The Beards were great about the inconvenience, and weโ€™re always grateful to work with such nice, understanding people!

Fast forward a week, and thankfully we did have some nicer weather! Here are our favorites from the afternoonโ€ฆ

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