Tayler & Rendon

First of all, how cool are their names? Tayler with an β€œe” and Rendon without a β€œb” or an β€œa” or any other similar-sounding possible variation. My wife and I are self-proclaimed β€œname people,” and we love to come across unique names like these. You know, unique names, yet easy to spell and not illegal-drug-inspired from the 60’s. =)

It was a really warm day, as this summer has been consistent to give us, but we made the most of it and had a great time despite the heat. It was ridiculous how many photos I took during the session… But when you’re working with a couple like this, how can you not take too many photos?! And narrowing them down to just our favorites β€” I wasn’t prepared for how difficult that would be!

But, the deadline came, so we finally narrowed them down and finished up the editing. Without further ado, here are our favorites from the session!


We started out at the University of Oklahoma campus, which has some beautiful architectural charm – not to mention the fire-engine red phonebooths – and then went on to a local farm in the area, where we captured this next series of images.


The owner of the farm was so hospitable and kind to let us photograph on her property, that I just had to capture this image of her watching us from her old pickup truck. I know she has grandchildren, and I thought to myself that this is just the kind of image every grandkid wishes they had of their grandparents. We just ordered a whole set of prints of the following image, in various sizes, to give to her as a gift to pass along to her kids and grandkids. I’m sure they will treasure the sweet memories of their dear mother and grandmother someday and I hope this image will be a treasure for them.

undefined Friends and family, feel free to check out the rest of the engagement session photos at the online gallery, using Tayler’s last name as the gallery pass-code.

Tayler & Rendon, congratulations, and we look forward to photographing your beautiful wedding next month!

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