Melynda’s Bridal Portraits

Melynda and David are married and heading to a relaxing tropical location to enjoy umbrella drinks, warm sand and the sounds of waves lapping onto the beach nearby. The rest of us are sweltering in what will no-doubt be called the “heat wave of 2011,” but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some scenic views here! We’re going to do our part to facilitate that by releasing Melynda’s top-secret bridal portraits.

It was an extremely hot day, so plans changed and instead of photographing at a local park downtown, we moved in to the Museum of Art and took advantage of their amazing architecture as a backdrop for a gorgeous bride!


I love that Melynda rocked a sweet pair of purple Chucks for the reception. Anything that keeps the bride comfy and personalizes the wedding is awesome in my book! Traditions are great, but if they’re uncomfortable and there’s not a good reason for them, I have no problem blazing a new trail. =)

Friends and family, please do check out the online gallery to view all of Melynda’s bridal portraits. The gallery’s pass-code is Melynda’s first initial and maiden name (case-sensitive, so capitalize the “M” and the first letter of her maiden name, with no spaces in between.)

Congratulations, Melynda & David! The wedding was gorgeous and I can’t wait to start working on the images!

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