Two Thousand Eleven

Well, here we are… well into 2011, without a single blog post yet. My apologies! We’ve been enjoying the snow and our slow season entirely too much! January and February are always slow months for us on-location shooters, and we really look forward to almost hibernating these months. Storie turned 4 in January, and Holly and I celebrated our 8th anniversary in February, so we had lots to celebrate, and made some really great memories already.

We also put a lot of projects on hold to take care of during the slow season, so we’ve been plugging away catching up on album designing, business planning and other various and sundry projects that tend to collect on the calendar during these cold months. Don’t get me wrong, though, the priority has definitely been hibernation! =) We’re also gearing up for the big international photography conference we like to go to every year.

For me, 2011 is going to be a year that we make our own personal lives a bit more of a priority than we have in previous years. Having our own business can really be all-consuming, and it’s been somewhat to detrimental to our social lives, personal fitness and health during the most demanding seasons. Here’s to a little more balance in 2011!

Well, that’s it for now… Just wanted to drop a quick note here, letting y’all know what’s up, and that all is well here. Hope you all had safe, enjoyable holidays like we did!

Lots of photos to blog… Just trying to prioritize and take care of the most important things first.  (You should see the size of this to-do list! =)

Working on a blog post now, of favorites from a romantic engagement session we did on Valentines Day, so stay tuned!

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