Brides Beware! Email Scam

I received two scary emails this morning… Scary because they seemed so plausible that I’m certain brides around the world will fall for it, and targeting brides is just heartless. Both emails included an html attachment that I guess will open a web page, most likely with spy-ware or virus included for no extra charge.

Just in case, I thought I’d include the emails here just to forewarn everyone I can! Here’s the first:

SUBJ: Please sign and send back to me ASAP

It was a pleasure meeting the both of you earlier. Thank you for using my services for your special day!  I look forward to making it a memorable reception for all.  Per conversation, I have attached an information packet for your review and submission along with a list of preferred vendors.  I hope this helps and facilitates things for the both of you.

ATTACHMENT: 34852attach.html

And the second…

SUBJ: Addendum and SRPD

here’s the schedule of payments. I’ll forward in a separate email additional correspondence between myself and Magna confirming.

ATTACHMENT: 26185attach.html

Sure hope none of you get fooled by this one… I’m not exactly sure what will happen if you click on those attachments, but it can’t be good. If you know more about what the attachment actually does if you click on it, please do leave a comment below. It would be nice to know what we missed out on. =)

It’s always a good idea to think hard before opening any attachments, even if it seems to be from a friend. And don’t forget to check before forwarding unbelievable emails.

Okay, that about wraps up today’s CSA. Have a great day!  =)

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