Sneak Peek: Reann & Lane

We are back from our two-week trip to Pennsylvania to photograph Ashleigh & Steve’s wedding! Did you miss us? =) We missed you! We did about 3,500 round-trip miles in the SUV to get there since we brought the kiddos along, and I’m getting closer to having every Disney and Pixar movie memorized word-for-word.(Thank God for DVD players!)

We spent an extra week with my family there β€” my parents and sister live there β€” just relaxing, swimming and staying up late visiting. My brother brought his girlfriend, Kendall, from California and we got some funny pictures of diving board antics, river day-camping, a triple-date night and spent lots of time playing games and laughing together.

It was, all in all, a really enjoyable trip, though by the end we were eager to be back home in our own king-sized bed. We’re so spoiled having such a huge bed that it was hard to sleep in anything smaller. What can I say, I’m a sprawler! (Sorry, babe!)

This is the wedding we’re working on right now… It’s SO beautiful! Just had to share a sneak peek of a couple shots to help with the anticipation. =)

Stay tuned for more soon!

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