Our First Beloved Session

Yesterday, we experimented with our first beloved session – a session celebrating love for couples who have been married for a few years (or more).

At first glance, the beloved images look a lot like those from an engagement session, but with a depth and maturity that is the fruit of loving each other through thick and thin, life’s ups and downs.

Unlike a posed studio session, a beloved session facilitates an experience of genuine love for each other. And then captures those moments of sincere emotion and love. No β€œcheesing” for the camera, or awkward posing in unnatural positions. =)

Love is, by far, one of the greatest treasures of any life. The constant barrage of responsibilities, electronic communications, work, and stress can slowly erode the very thing we treasure most by distracting us from nurturing and exploring it. Love must be rediscovered, rekindled, and valued over and over throughout our lives and in relationships in order to last. The beloved portrait session can be a significant part of your investment in your relationship with your beloved.

Images like these serve as a reminder of the joy and importance of the relationship, during the blissful and the difficult times, and can help springboard the couple back to realizing what’s important β€” genuine communication and love.

We can’t wait to share more of these beloved images with you as we explore this kind of photography! Special thanks to Jesh de Rox for his friendship and inspiration, and for sharing the vision of beloved photography.

If you are interested in a beloved session for you and your beloved, give us a call to get on the calendar!

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