Crystal & Ryan’s Ft. Worth Wedding

Holly and I had the pleasure of heading down to Ft. Worth, Texas last Friday to photograph Crystal and Ryan’s beautiful wedding at The Fort Worth Club. It was a treat for us, because we were able to leave our girls with the grandparents and spend an extra day in Dallas, visiting friends and stimulating the economy eating and shopping. =)

We’re still working on the  majority of the images from last weekend’s wedding, but everything about the wedding was gorgeous and we couldn’t help sharing a whole bunch of favorites. So, sit back with your icy-cold beverage of choice on this 97-degree day, put your feet up if you can, and take in some really fun memories from the day!

Crystal’s gown was beautiful, so Holly and I borrowed it for a moment to put it in some appropriately elegant surroundings.

Isn’t the ironwork in the window amazing? Love these old buildings with their intricate details and fine craftsmanship.

This is definitely one of my very favorites from the day (above).

Crystal’s Dad having a quiet moment with his daughter before the ceremony. I just loved the deep, meaningful relationships that were apparent all around us… Made for lots of really great photos!

Candles and rose petals adorned this wall in the room where the ceremony took place.

The men relaxed in the “21” room, where they enjoyed drinks, billiards and a few TVs… but mostly, they talked and had a great time visiting.

This venue was unusual in that there was so much room, we could photograph the guys right up until the last moment before the ceremony without being in the way of any of the guests or the rest of the bridal party. So, we maximized our time and got most of the photos done before the ceremony, despite the fact that the girls were running a bit behind. =)

Fast forward a few minutes, and the ceremony has begun!

Loved this moment between Crystal’s father and Ryan, just before placing her hand in his.

The ceremony was intimate and the officiant had a good sense of humor that kicked in on a couple of occasions. The room erupted with laughter at one point, though… Ryan was repeating his vows and looking at the officiant, when the officiant interrupted and said, “I’d feel better if you’d say that to Crystal!”

We slipped outside immediately after the ceremony to try to take advantage of nice light from the setting sun, and across the street was the most amazing old church.

Back at the reception hall in the Fort Worth Club again, here are the cakes!

And the rings… Crystal’s ring was so intricate and detailed, and was passed down from her grandmother. What a treasure! We photographed the rings in these next two images with the night lights of downtown Ft. Worth in the background.

The couple’s first dance…

Crystal dancing with her father… another really touching moment. Add the sun streaming through the window and, viola! =)

Crystal’s sister, Tiffany, and her husband, dancing. I just LOVE this image! Somebody please get this printed large and put on display so it enjoys a good home. I want to order one for me! I won’t, Tiffany, don’t worry. =)

Love this image of the Dads together at the reception.

Some of the most impressive dance moves from the evening! Yep, the guy below cleared his foot and landed without hurting himself!

At the end of the evening, as the guests were arranging for the send-off, Ryan & Crystal had one last dance together…

Congratulations, Ryan & Crystal! We were honored to be there as your photographers, and it was really a pleasure to serve you both. I’ve never heard better toasts at a wedding… and four of them no less! It was so apparent how much your families love you both that our own hearts were warmed just by being there.

The other wedding pros who contributed to the beauty and success of the day:

Venue: The Forth Worth Club
Florist: Bridal Blooms
Cake: Sandy’s Unique Creations
DJ: Jeff Hornok
Officiant: Randy Dicken
Bride’s Gown: (info forthcoming)
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: (Jim Hjelm label)
Tuxedos: Men’s Warehouse
Bride’s Ring: Robbins Brothers (in Dallas)
Groom’s Ring: Bartolo’s (in OKC)
Carraige: Brazo’s Carraige Co.

If you can help with any missing info (like the where the dresses came from) or links, we’d be grateful if you’d comment with it or shoot us an email so we can give credit where it’s due!

So, there you have it! Forty-plus favorites blogged at the end of a long work-day. I think it’s time to jump in the pool! Before I let you go, though… The last few posts we’ve gone with slide-shows (which you’ll only see if you’re on our blog – feeds actually pull the individual images) and for this post — as you can tell already since you made it all the way to the end — we went with embedded images. I still haven’t heard a real good consensus as to which is preferable, so if you have any feedback for us, we’d love to hear from you!

***UPDATE: All of the wedding pictures have been lovingly edited and are now online! They can be viewed here,  as long as you know Crystal’s maiden name. =)

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