Renewed Vision of the Importance of Photography

Every once in a while, we get requests for images of customers to be used at funerals, and it breaks our hearts.

The most heartbreaking to date was a toddler we had photographed, who drowned.

Right around that time, I was challenged by a master photographer at the national conference we go to each year (WPPI) to consider whether I had all of the portraits that I wanted right now. The honest answer was β€œno.”  I immediately thought of several projects that I really wanted to do…

First, an old Hollywood glamour / film-noir style session with Holly and me. We have lots of pictures of our kids, but a session like that with just Holly and me would be a lot of fun and would be great on canvas in our bedroom.

And secondly, everyday lifestyle portraits of our family doing what they do. Like the grandparents, uncles, etc. just being themselves. I’ve started this one, and got a few of Pawpaw that I really like, sitting at his computer and visiting around the kitchen table. This sequence is funny… I was using my 24mm lens, so I was sitting really close to Dad, but I’m always tinkering with something, so he didn’t notice that I was actually taking his picture until a few clicks in. Love his expression!!

In these next few, Dad’s engrossed in conversation with some folks from Muldova, if I recall correctly. This is so characteristic of him… a great listener.

I encourage you to think of the portraits that you really want, and make them happen!

P.S. How do ya like the Tilt-Shift? =)

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