University of Oklahoma Doctors’ Match Day

What a fantastic event! Tensions run high right up until the moment of the surprise reveal, when each of the OUHSC seniors find out where they will be going for their residency. For each senior, there is a first choice and at least one or two other options that they will fall back to if they don’t get their first choice placement. So, as you can imagine, it’s an emotionally charged luncheon!

Prints Charming Photography was really honored to be a sponsor of Match Day this year. I’d take credit for it if I thought you’d believe me, but our sponsorship had nothing to do with the fact that this year’s Match Day took place at Gaillardia’s beautiful clubhouse… =)

They had a really nice dinner, but I’m going to skip right to the fun part… The big reveal! Exactly how the match is revealed each year is a big secret and the creativity each year is amazing. This year, wine was printed with special personalized labels for each senior, revealing the organization they were matched to for their residency. Here’s a great look of anticipation…

And now for the celebrating!

Apparently, there are always seniors who are really devastated with their match, but if there were this year, we didn’t notice any. Tears being shed were all tears of joy, and those moments are always a real delight to photograph. Congratulations, graduating class of 2010! You have much to be proud of.

We really look forward to being involved in these Match Days on an ongoing basis, so class of 2011, please do keep us in mind!

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