Real Estate Photography

It’s not every day that we see how our photography tangibly creates value for our customers, so I was really excited today to hear that our photography had actually created value and had helped someone. Let me explain…

I’m talking specifically about a specialty area that we’ve expanded into this year — real estate photography.

Everyone likes blue skies

Most real estate agents use a point-and-shoot camera to photograph properties for sale. This probably works well for the average home and the average person, but when the point-and-shoot images don’t do the home justice – don’t really show how amazing the place is in person – or the home needs to sell quickly, it may be time to consider calling a professional photographer to help.

Harsh back-lighting is not a problem for a professional

I’ve enjoyed photographing a couple of homes for my good friend Todd Franz and in each case, he said the home had a lot more interest than it otherwise would have, and received offers immediately from buyers.

(A little plug for Todd — If you’re ever in need of an honest, hard-working agent, look him up! You can even get his autograph… He’s a former NFL player for the Green Bay Packers and the Redskins! — Actually, I just looked it up and learned that he also played for the Detroit Lion, Cleveland Browns, and New Orleans Saints!)

Some other tough lighting scenarios for point-and-shoot cameras.

Wide-angle lenses can showcase the entire room

Few things are as rewarding as knowing that our services are bringing value, not just aesthetically, but tangibly as well. I look forward to doing more real estate photography in the future — looks like we have one to shoot tomorrow, in fact.

Does this bring to mind other ideas of how photography might be able to bring value to other industries? Leave a comment below with your thoughts… We would love to know!

As a side note, I’m sorry but these homes are no longer available. (*smile*) If you’re thinking about moving, though, give Todd a call or check out his website. (I’d like to point out that Todd did not ask for, or know, that I was going to talk about him like this. He really is just a great guy and we’re happy to pass along his name for the great experience and service that he’s always provided us.)

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