Brandi & Devinโ€™s Wedding :: A Preview

Weโ€™re literally running out the door to a family reunion, but this is way overdue, so I thought Iโ€™d share a few faves from Devin & Brandiโ€™s wedding day before we go. Congratulations again, Brandi & Devin! It was a fun day and I hope the images we captured for you bring back some amazing memories for you for the rest of your lives!

About halfway through the reception, the light outside was just amazing, so I stole the bride and groom for a few minutes to brave the heat and create some awesome images for them.

This was the one traffic light in the town and I couldnโ€™t help using it. =)

The Reception Hal was a really old drug store and hardware building. Seriously amazing clouds, eh? They were beautiful! The key to awesome photography in this case was just the awesome lighting and colors that were there already. No photoshop necessary! =)

If you know Brandiโ€™s last name, you can use it as the password here and see the rest of them, too!

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