Lightning Storm!

Are you seeing this amazing lightning storm right now? We love storm-watching, so we couldn’t resist sitting outside while it was rolling in, and before it started raining. Wow, the lightning show is incredible! Every second or two the entire sky was lit up!

I took my tripod and camera with fish-eye lens out and snapped about 40 exposures… Literally every one caught some lighting, but these six were the best.

Lightning_7573-715604 Lightning Storm! Nature Our Life
Lightning_7575-715639 Lightning Storm! Nature Our Life
Lightning_7581-798459 Lightning Storm! Nature Our Life
Lightning_7588-798493 Lightning Storm! Nature Our Life
This next one really lit up the entire neighborhood!

Lightning_7597-752668 Lightning Storm! Nature Our Life
Lightning_7615-779194 Lightning Storm! Nature Our Life
If we ever move away from here, we’ll sure miss the storms. As dangerous and destructive as they are, the beauty is breathtaking.

*** UPDATE ***

Blogger was having seizures and fits for the last couple of days, so this blog is just now posting on May 2nd! Just wanted to explain in case you follow the blog closely and wondered how you missed this post for two days! It was going to be the quickest turnaround blog post ever… Took photos, uploaded and blogged all within about 10 minutes and then all that happened. Oh well. =)

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