The 80’s vs. Today :: Economic Indicators

Can you believe it’s March already?! I love it! Since January and February are our slowest months (as on-location photographers, we’re subject to the weather) we kinda hibernate over winter and emerge in early March to start shooting again. =) Daylight Savings Time begins early this year — next weekend! — so don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead on Saturday night.

I try not to post too much political and other editorial “news” here since we get enough from just about ever gadget in our lives these days, but when I saw this data I thought it may be interesting and obscure enough that it might be of some interest to at least some of you. =)

1980s-756850 The 80's vs. Today :: Economic Indicators Techie Stuff Our Life To quote the Carpe Diem blog, It could be a lot worse. It **WAS** a lot worse in the early 1980s.”

With all of the incredibly negative news that we hear every day, I thought a little perspective might be just what the doctor ordered. =) I’ve found the Carpe Diem blog a very insightful and interesting read on Economics and Finance during these crazy times.

Happy Monday, everyone! Make it a great week!!

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