Fun Shooting Today – Texture Hunt

This afternoon I had the pleasure of shooting just for fun, gathering textures for use in the future. It’s amazing how much money can be spent on textures, so a texture excursion (I’m tempted to call it a texcursion, but does everything really need to have a witty name? =) seemed like a good idea to bolster our library.

Besides enjoying the fine company of Todd and Zach, I think we all enjoyed getting out and shooting just for the fun of it.

Here’s a shot of Todd I took today with a couple of textures added for interest. I really like the texture used on the 2nd one a lot… It’s in my favorite texture folder now. =)

Hopefully Todd won’t hate me for posting it. It’s not a bad picture of Todd, actually (in my opinion). His expression deserves a title, though. Any suggestions? =)

Here’s a “before” picture of the image used in the above two images, just so you can tell that he wasn’t actually standing in front of a cracked up wall. Todd, AKA “Handsome Devil”

And here’s a textured image from my most recent engagement session…

Charles & Nicole, your engagement session should be finished and ready to view tomorrow! First, I need to catch up on my lost hour of sleep from daylight saving time.

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