Denise & Jarred’s Snowy Wedding

This weekend, the weather forecasters from every channel were predicting the worst — a huge snowstorm starting Friday night with blizzard-like conditions all day Saturday. Not exactly the ideal weather for a late-March wedding! We were praying along with them that conditions would improve and, thankfully, the ground had enough warmth that the snow melted almost as quickly as it fell.

The roads to the north weren’t as fortunate, and a lot of the out-of-town family were left stranded up there unable to make it to the wedding. To kick off our first wedding for the year, and to help assuage the misfortune of those who missed it, here are a few of our favorites from the day!

The smaller chapel there at the First Christian Church in Edmond was a beautiful background for some detail shots. Love the stained glass windows!

Denise’s bouquet was just beautiful. Her grandmother’s watch was the perfect accessory for “something old.” Flowers were provided by Flowers by Pat.

We didn’t actually set up this shot… it just kinda happened that while Holly was shooting with Denise, I noticed all of the bridesmaids in the background and thought it made for an interesting image and turned out to be one of my favorites.

I loved their rings! Denise’s were just gorgeous, and Jarred’s was really uniquely formed as well. It reminds me a little bit of the giant silver bean up in Chicago.

Jarred & Denise didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony, but they loved this doorway and took the opportunity to hold hands and have just a moment together. They really couldn’t see each other, I promise. =) The spontaneous giggling and laughing was so fun to watch, we couldn’t help but laugh and giggle ourselves!

Just loving the moody feel of this image, moments before walking down the aisle…

The getaway car was really smooth… a vintage convertible Mustang. The weather didn’t cooperate to have the top down, but it was a classy ride nonetheless. =) Love this shot Holly got shooting through the half-opened window.

The reception was at the Quail Creek Golf & Country Club where the girls were prepared for a little boot-scootin’. You can see here that the snow had already melted by the time we got to the reception, and it was looking like Spring again even though it was really quite cold.

Jarred looking debonair… He didn’t have to try hard. In fact, it was almost funny how the ladies at the wedding couldn’t stop talking about how handsome Jarred is. =) Denise and Jarred both were stunning and we expected no less of them on their wedding day!

“Something blue” appeared as Denise’s new initials on the bottom of her shoes in rhinestone. We got some better close-up shots of the shoes for later, but I couldn’t resist blogging this image of the two of them.

Your wedding was so beautiful, it was an honor to be a part of it and to see your love for each other throughout the day. Have a great time in Cancun!

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