Vegas, WPPI & Humble Pie Tomorrow!

After packing in about 2 weeks worth of education, fun and tons of new friends into 5 days, I’m back in Oklahoma and excited about the year ahead! It was my first time to attend the annual WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers) conference in Vegas and it was everything I thought it would be… maybe more, even. =)

It’s funny, after being chauffeured around for 5 days, it actually felt strange to drive myself today. Seriously? Just 5 days away and driving felt foreign? Yep. Not sure why… Maybe I was meant to be driven around? =) No, I enjoy driving too much to let someone else drive me.

Anyway, I have yet to review my WPPI notes and if there’s anything that seems appropriate to share, I’ll blog about it.

In other news… Humble Pie has opened! Holly’s brother’s pizza shop is open for business and is making the best Chicago-style, deep dish pizza I’ve ever tasted. The deal for this first weekend is, if you come in as “family and friends” you’ll get a whopper of a deal on whatever you order. So, if you want to go, let them know you’re a friend of ours and he’ll take care of you!

Okay, change of plans, I just called him and they’re open tomorrow (Saturday), but not this Sunday (he doesn’t have a manager hired yet, so he needs a break).

Sooo…. Here’s the plan! Let’s meet tomorrow (Saturday) at 1:00PM for lunch! Comment, call, email or Twitter to let me know you’ll be there so I can get a table for us. It’s the soft opening, so it’s a great time to try out probably lots of different pizzas that he will have made.

For more info, he has a Facebook Page up, but not a website yet. Hope to meet up with lots of you there!!!

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