A Perfect Proposal

One of our brides is a finalist in Naifeh Fine Jewelry’s “Perfect Proposal” competition! They have a great story, too. You can read it here (update: link broken at their website) and don’t forget to click on the vote button at the bottom of the page! If they win, they get all the makings of a really great date night out on the town, so we hope they win! =)

You might recall that Rachel & Anthony have been featured in past blog posts… the proposal and the wedding at the Chesapeake Boathouse. Here’s one of my faves from the wedding…

Moore_9464-772576 A Perfect Proposal Weddings Proposals
Hey, everyone have a great weekend! It’s beautiful weather here in OKC… a little windy, but who notices the wind anymore? =) I’ve already been out for a little jog, so I’m feeling energetic and ready to wrap things up for the week. (Trying not to think about doing taxes just yet =)