Happy Monday!

Weโ€™re enjoying a bit of a personal day today since we spent the weekend shooting down in Texas. Most people dread Mondays, I suppose, but working on Saturdays have made Mondays a real delight. We try not to schedule anything work-related on those days if we can so it ends up being kind of a make-up day for rained out sessions.

Todayโ€™s projects: buy a new GPS unit, set up the pool for the kids, and build a sandbox. Fun times!! I love the smell of the sun tan spray and it feels like summer is officially kicking off today for some reason.

I know, I should probably post pics of all of those things, but weโ€™re too busy getting things done. =)

Thanks for checking in on our latest news and weโ€™ll have some fun pics up soon from the wedding last weekend. (Very nice smokey burnout, Guy!!)

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