150 Miles per Gallon Hybrid!?

This is pretty cool. At the time I’m writing this, there have only been 300 views of this YouTube video talking about the next generation of Hybrid vehicles. I’ll embed it here so you don’t have to follow the link…


Pros: 150mpg, 40 mile electric-only range, very quiet, 87 mph
Cons: You have to plug it in every night, $9k premium to buy, 87 mph =)

I can’t wait until they have these things running well and affordable. I’ve always been interested in alternative fuels and I’d love to have one, mainly for the fuel efficiency.

I’d love to have a more energy efficient home, too. Like if we could somehow hook up some wind- or solar-powered generators to our grid here and actually save some moolah. =) Yeah, that would be sweet.

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