Labor Day & We’ve Been Tagged

I read a fantastic blog post from Seth Godin’s blog today and I thought I’d pass it along. It’s a fairly long blog post, but it’s great. Describes a lot of what we’ve been through in the last year with Prints Charming Photography, taking great leaps into the unknown and risking all to do what we enjoy doing… photography, of course.

On another note, we’ve been “tagged” by photographer Abby Smith of Duncan, Oklahoma, so it’s our turn to post “8 things you may or may not know about us.” Then we get to blog-tag eight other photographers in return. We’ve been putting this off for a few days and there just isn’t ever going to be a convenient time to try to think up 8 things, so I’ll try to knock them out now. =)

1. Holly and I lived in Australia back in 2001 and 2002 and got to tour around on a motorcycle and take some amazing pictures while we lived there.

2. I lost an eye in a terrible bike accident when I was about 15 years old. Okay, that’s technically true, but I still have both of my real eyes. It was a glass eye I got from my grandfather who is an ophthalmologist and it matched my real eyes. I used to have a great time playing with it and freaking people out.

3. I’ve always been a bit mischievous like that. =)

4. In fact, my favorite teacher in HS sincerely told my parents that I was the most obnoxious, rambunctious student he ever had. Ouch. And that was from my favorite teacher!

5. I got my Advanced Open Water SCUBA certification diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Got specializations in Search & Recovery there, too. And I have a T-shirt and DVD to prove it. =)

6. I used to own and run my own apiary (honeybees) and bee-removal business. People will pay just about anything to have bees removed from their attics.

7. For about 6 years, I barbered in Chicago as a hobby while I worked days as a Purchasing Director.

8. Scrambled eggs and raw broccoli both make me gag.

This is terribly one-sided as Holly is busy working with the kids. She probably won’t mind at all, but if she has anything to add, I’ll follow up with another post on it.

Okay, now to tag 8 other photographers…

1. Trinnica Jones
2. Will Thornton
3. Rowan Gillson
4. Joy Jensen
5. Alyssa Welch
6. Matt Dunmore
7. Sara Quinnett
8. Stacy Young

Now it’s time for our Labor Day feast from KFC. =) We’re visiting Holly’s family for the day. Gotta run!

EDITED 9/6/07:

Just had to add a picture of me with a glass eye just for fun. =)

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