We’re excited about a recent affirmation we received by way of acceptance into an elite group of photographers. Well, that’s their wording, not ours, but we’re really honored nonetheless and grateful to have been invited to join them! The group is and they’re committed to listing and accepting only photographers who meet a certain standard of quality in their work. Seems kinda basic, but it’s actually a pretty unique service.

We’ve never really spent money on advertising since our customers have done such a really great job spreading the word for us. Online directories and listings of photographers a lot of time just list people who are willing to pay for a top spot, so you’re not really seeing a list of great photographers. Basically, if they have the advertising budget, they can get a great listing on “The Knot” or any of those sites regardless of their work.

So, check out and if you want, you can find our listing here. Yeah, it’s pretty basic so far, just a link to our website, but we hope to get some of our images on there soon to pretty up the page a bit for them. =)

For you brides out there (or if you know a bride-to-be), spread the word about Photographik and check out all the great photographers on there! A lot of the photographers whose work inspires us on a regular basis are featured on the site and I think you’ll really enjoy seeing their work.

And for you photographers out there who are interested, it’s just $20 to apply, so you’re not out of pocket a great deal to find out if you make the cut for membership. Check it out!

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