Itโ€™s been a strange, cool summer so far, and itโ€™s just now starting to warm up. When I saw todayโ€™s hourly weather (weather.com) I was excited to see that weโ€™re expected to hit 106 degrees today in the โ€œFeels Likeโ€ column.

And I get to cut the grass today, so it will be like working out in a sauna โ€” killing two birds with one stone. Glad I donโ€™t have a session this afternoon! We worked on Saturday, so Iโ€™m taking offโ€ฆ well, sort of. Thereโ€™s always a lot to retouch, so Iโ€™m just working in our home office today.

Hope everyone gets a great start to their week!

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