The iPhone

Just FYI, this is my third post in about 12 hours, so don’t miss the two other new ones further down!

I’ve been enjoying Seth Godin’s blog on marketing and business. He writes in a way that it’s easy to apply to almost any business or industry and he is always pointing out really great ideas to consider.

This morning, I ran into his blog about the iPhone… Well, actually, it’s more about how Verizon and other AT&T; competitors are planning to deal with the mass migration to the only company who will be offering the new iPhone. Everyone I know has put off signing a new cell phone contract since December just so they have the option if they want to switch to get the new iPhone that only AT&T; will be carrying.

The basic idea is that the competitors are slamming the iPhone! Surprise, surprise! When are people, politicians, businesses, etc. going to realize that doing so kills their own credibility and doesn’t help keep any of their current constituency?

Seth makes a great point when he says to point out exactly how much they’ll actually be spending to get the new iPhone, plus a new battery next year, plus $70 a month for service… “For that money, here’s what you could get with our company!”

I love the iPhone in that it has raised the bar for all of the other cell phone companies and providers. I won’t be one of the first to have one (unfortunately!) but hopefully before too long… =)

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