Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Actually, I don’t mean that — we can really use the rain for all of our reservoirs and rivers; it just came to mind since it’s raining and nursery rhymes are the soundtrack to our everyday life these days. =)

It has seriously been raining for what feels like a couple of weeks now and I love it! Besides the fact that it slows business down for us, which can be a blessing, it’s just plain relaxing and makes me want to nap and sleep in. I heard today that we’re 10 inches over our average year-to-date rainfall. Pretty impressive following last year’s drought that set records (worse than the “dust bowl” years).

Growing up, I hated rain because it meant that we couldn’t ride bikes, build forts and run around outside, but my sweet Holly Ann has rubbed off on me and I really enjoy rain and storms now.

This morning, it started really pouring, so I ran out and snapped a few quick pictures trying not to get too wet in the process. You have to click on at least this first one to see the rain drops falling, etc. Kinda cool…

I seriously could have kayaked down the street and the ditch outside our neighborhood was like class III or IV whitewater cascading down into the pond by the golf course. Crazy!

(Hey, Dad, in this next shot you can see a little bit of your ivy starting to grow up the side of the mailbox. Thanks for bringing us some!)

There was so much water, I was hydroplaning and slipping just trying to walk on the driveway in my flip-flops.

The downside to all this rain is that we’ve rescheduled a couple of our customers multiple times, just getting unlucky week after week. I think the worst case yet was rescheduled from today: the Branson family who happen to also be photographers (Branson Family Photography) were rescheduled for a fourth time today.

Thankfully, everyone has been very understanding and great to work with. We should be all caught up in another week or so.

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