Last Weekend's Wedding

We actually did two weddings last weekend (one Friday and Saturday) with Happily Everlasting, so it was a really busy weekend. Was really nice to be able to take Monday off to help recuperate and relax a bit. Today we have a couple of shoots, so weโ€™ll be busy again making hay while the sun shines. =)

Hereโ€™s a shot from this weekend that my 2nd shooter (Trinnica Jones of Shooting Star Photography in Tulsa) took of me working with the bride and groom. Behold the ninja photographer poseโ€ฆ Actually, I didnโ€™t know she was taking this picture.

The wedding was just beautiful. It felt like a destination wedding it was so exquisite. You can see from the photo that they had a great gazebo with white flowing material draped from it that looked just awesome in the breeze. We had a great day for the wedding, though it was a little warm in the sun for me to be wearing all blackโ€ฆ Note to self: think about a good outdoor wedding outfit for next time. Maybe my white ninja outfit. =)

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