Destinyโ€™s Senior Portraits

So last night we had a bit of a double-header: a senior session and headshots for her mom as well. Why not? I mean weโ€™re already out there all together and every has a blog and online profile that is begging for a really sweet picture, right? I did a headshot for my own mother not too long ago for her to use with her own website and blog and she just loves having a nice portrait to use for things like that.

Hereโ€™s one of our favorites from last nightโ€™s session that we went ahead and retouched early so we could post here. Destiny, I purposely put the watermark over a little bit so if you wanted to use the photo cropped for your MySpace or Facebook you could and it would still have our logo on it.

We donโ€™t mind if people use our photos for their MySpace and Facebook, we just ask that they mention where they got them done so their friends can find us! =)

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