Edmond Chamber Golf Tournament Photos

Yesterday was a beautiful day out on the Fairfax golf course in Edmond. Businessmen and women from all over town came to participate in the four-man scramble.

Action shot on the driving range. You can see the ball (and divet) in the air just a split second after the swing.

You couldn’t ask for a prettier day!

The shotgun start sent all of the players out to their starting holes at the same time.

You can see the golf ball (and some turf) in the air in this shot as well.

Fairfax is a beautiful course!

Check out these storm clouds! This tree was brilliantly lit by the sun, while the dark clouds built behind it. It was pretty spectacular.

The weather started out just beautiful, but the day ended a little early due to thunderstorms and lightning. Still, a great time was had by all and I managed to get picture of every team as well as some good action shots before the rain hit.

We hid out in the big maintenance shed until it cleared up enough to get back out again.

Someone made a great putt!

You can actually see the golf ball in the upper right corner of the frame!

A very close putt, but not quite in. You can really fell the emotion!

If you attended the event and are looking for the pictures, you can view them here and even buy prints if you like.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Don’t forget to check out the full gallery of them with the link above if you’re interested in seeing more. Thanks for stopping by!

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