Stormy Weekend

We had a severe-weather weekend and got about 2 months worth of rain in just a few days. Unfortunately, we had three photo shoots rained out, but I got a couple of cool pictures just as the storm was breaking at sunset. It’s still raining in these pictures and I’m standing on my front porch, trying to stay covered despite the driving rain and wind.

If you click on them for a closeup, you can see a lot of detail. I didn’t photoshop these photos at all. That orange glow was SO bright, it was awesome.

The good thing about getting rained out is that it gives me time to catch up on all the things that otherwise just don’t get done. So, I sharpened the lawn mower, reorganized the kitchen cabinets, etc. =) Holly and the kids were up in Colorado Springs for the weekend, so it was really nice and quiet to get things done.

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