Good News from the Apple Store

Itโ€™s a great day! I heard from the Apple store today and they said that despite a failing hard drive, they should be able to save all of my data and put it all on a new hard drive for me. What a huge relief! First think on the agenda: Get a backup system in place for my documents, etc. on the computer. I have a great system for all of our photos, which was a no-brainer for us, but all of our documents, website files, etc. that weโ€™ve worked on for so long arenโ€™t regularly backed up. So, thatโ€™s a top priority for us.

Hey, Braddock, hereโ€™s a preview from the session we did for you this week. Iโ€™m working on them now and thought youโ€™d enjoy seeing it.

We are absolutely loving this warm weather! The grass is greeing up and our flowers and trees are beginning to bloom. I like to spend time in the garden/yard to de-stress sometimes and this week has been really great for that.

Hope youโ€™re enjoying the warm weather, too!

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